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This Seasons Must-Have Cleansing Oil

It’s no secret that nowadays, most of us have become quite accustomed to our typical facial cleansing routine of foam cleansers and water. While this modern method has clearly grown in popularity, many users claim feeling a major lack of hydration - something a cleansing oil combats effortlessly in a single use. Cleansing oils may not be the newest innovation, with origins dating back to ancient times; but this cleansing method has stood its ground throughout countless centuries. Perhaps the ancients were onto something!

All of which is why, we’re delighted to introduce to you fellow beauties, Sahajan’s Cleansing Oil!

But, before we dive right in, let’s talk about Essential Oils – the key ingredients to this beloved cleanser.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are not unheard of as they are typically found in most of our latest skincare and wellness products. But how many of you know what they really are? Or what they do? Allow us to break it down for you in layman terms.

Essentially, these types of oils are naturally plant-derived extracts and botanicals. They are extracted from plants through steaming or cold press to obtain their natural oils, capturing its essence. The same process used to make perfume! Science baby.

The Benefits

The use of Essential Oils dates back as early as 5,000 years ago. They were commonly used throughout the centuries as a wellness practice due to their healing properties. These types of oils are now often found in beauty products and aromatherapy. And since pretty much any plant can be extracted, there are endless amounts of variations – each pertaining its own unique healing properties.

For example, Lavender is known to have calming properties that help improve sleep, blood circulation and ease anxiety, stress, pain… even acne!

We can pretty much guarantee that there is literally an Essential Oil out there able to benefit anyone and everyone.

The Oil Cleanser

With the scientific side of things all cleared up, let’s get to the gold - the product!

Sahajan’s Essential Cleansing Oil is nothing like your typical foaming cleanser. Instead, you get a lightweight oil that naturally turns into a milky cream texture as you massage the product in with water.

Oils are notorious for breaking down makeup and grime, as well as providing the skin with ultimate hydration. Swap out your foaming cleansers that have harsh astringents and solvents for an oil-based cleanser that effectively removes unwanted impurities, skin pollution, and hard to remove makeup in just one wash! Seriously, what more could one possibly ask for out of a cleanser?


So, say goodbye to that tight pull-of-the-face feeling and say hello to radiant, supple, and purified skin that makes you want to rock a no-makeup look. Because let’s be real, this cleansing oil is just that good.

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The Blend

Sahajan’s Essential Oil Cleanser contains three types of oils:

1 | Moringa Oil: Clinically proven to remove impurities, daily grime and provide anti-pollution cleansing benefits.

2 | Squalane Oil: Protects the skin using antioxidants, balances the production of your natural oils and helps to brighten the complexion for glowing skin.

3 | Rose Oil: Helps to calm, soothe, and moisturize the skin.

With these 3 blends of sensational oils and botanicals, this small but powerful cleanser effortlessly melts through the toughest waterproof makeup and everyday grime; leaving your skin fresh, clean, hydrated, and glowing!

All you need to do is - warm 2-3 pumps of the product between your hands and gently massage into the face and eyes. Add warm water to work up a milky lather, rinse thoroughly and proceed with the rest of your skincare routine.

Skip the makeup wipes and go straight to cleansing with Sahajan’s Cleansing Oil – a 2-in-1 product that will save you time and money while giving you your best cleansing experience thus far. An absolute must-have for this Fall and Winter season. Trust us, your skin will thank you … and you can thank us later. 😉