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Your New Fall Bath Routine

Fall is here and you can feel it in the air. With the drop in temperatures, it’s time to slip into something comfy – in this case a warm, revitalizing bath!

Seasons change, and our skin’s needs tend to change right along with them. So now is the time to make up for the lack of hydration in the air, with some extra nourishing, bath soaks.

As we say goodbye to summer, Autumn is what comes to remind us, the importance of letting go.

Bath rituals just so happen to be one of the greatest, most accessible practices to diminish built up negative energy and let go of any unhealthy attachments. Tis the season for self-care, my love.

So, put your hair up, draw the tub with some suds, pour yourself a glass and let go; because you deserve it!

Step 1 | Bubbles

Every bath is simply not complete without its bubbles! Push aside your shower gel and bath soap for a small, concentrated bath bomb.

What is a bath bomb you might ask? Well, the name says it all, but don’t worry its not as violent as it sounds. When dropped into water, bath bombs begin to fizzle away and dissolve into the water leaving behind concentrated ingredients and well you guessed it, bubbles! It’s quite the enjoyable and satisfying way to prepare your bath with just the drop of a ball.

The Hemp Heal Bath Bombs are an absolute fan favourite – select from 5 different aromas to stimulate your senses, set the mood plus target a range of skin concerns. For a bath bomb that really eases the mind and body, we at COBIA recommend the Lavender Bath Bomb. These bath bombs are natural, contain no GMO’s, are formulated with Magnesium Sulfate which is softening and soothing - and of course contain oh-so-lovely Essential Oils.

Magnesium sulfate is a naturally occurring mineral that topically helps to soothe aches in muscles, relieve tension and treat skin conditions like acne. While Essential Oils provide a variety of healing properties and a soothing aromatic experience that will stimulate your mind, body and soul. If bath bombs aren't your thing, Crystal Hills Organics has a great range of Bath Salts that contain crystals and natural dried florals for a peaceful and relaxing spa experience - plus an instagram-worthy bath - its a win-win. 

Step 2 | Setting Your Intentions

Allow yourself to unwind by enveloping the room with delectable aromas as the warm steam opens your pores and Essential Oils liberate you from all your worries, aches and pains.

At COBIA, we’re obsessed with the LOMA For Life Candles. They’re made from Soy, Bee and Plant-derived waxes and contain a Lead-Free wick. These candles are genuinely good for you and the environment plus can burn up to 70 hours! 10/10 baby. So, sit back, relax and light one of these bad boys up!

Step 4 | Self Care

While soaking up in the suds, it’s time to take care of your body. Remove your dry skin along with other impurities through exfoliation with 100% Pure Coconut Body Scrub. This Bath & Body product is great for buffing away rough, dry skin while blanketing your skin in rich moisture and increasing circulation.

Looking for something a bit less messy? Try PMD’s Clean Body smart cleansing device! This revolutionary, in-shower exfoliator uses SonicGlow Technology that exudes over 7,000 vibrations per minute helping to lift, firm, tone and cleanse your body. It has 3 magnetic attachments – a loofah, exfoliator, and massager -that help reduce everything from body acne to ingrown hairs! Talk about a groundbreaking skincare tool at the push of a button!

Pop on an eye or face mask with one of Body Drench’s Face Masks to give your facial skin some love too. We highly recommend The Society Rose All Day Sheet Mask as it has anti-ageing properties and contains Hyaluronic Acid. The piece de resistance for hydrated, youthful looking skin, from head to toe!

Step 5 | Relax

This last step is given – pour yourself a comforting beverage of your choice, lay back and allow yourself to just be.

Allow yourself to release all that no longer serves you. Let go of any negative thoughts and emotions you may be harboring. Let your mind, body and soul drift off to a world of Zen and realign your chakras through this meditative time to genuinely set the intentions.

We surely aren’t doctors, but we do highly recommend self-prescribing a calming bath ritual at least once a week to release and unwind.

And with that we say, Namaste!