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The Lip Gloss-Mask Hybrid You Need To Try

We all know that gloss is having a moment this year – every brand is releasing new products that give you that enviable shine. With the current competition in the gloss space, the 90’s version of lip gloss with chunky glitter and a sticky, tacky feeling just doesn’t cut it anymore. One brand that is not in the cosmetics space but has a gloss that makes the cut – Sahajan.

With primarily skincare and hair care options rooted in Ayurvedic traditions and science, Sahajan offers a curated collection of staples to create a simple routine. Never heard of Ayurveda? It’s the natural system of medicine, originating in India over 3,000 years ago, seeking to integrate the body, mind and spirit. One of our top products from the brand is Lip Karma, a lip gloss/mask hybrid that has quickly become a favourite here at COBIA – and for good reason. For starters, its more than just a lip product, as the name suggests, you will get good Karma for every tube you own. Why? Sahajan has partnered with Plan International’s Because I Am Girl initiative to give a girl in a developing country a day of school for every Lip Karma sold. This partnership enables girls who might not have the opportunity for an education, to get one. This is so important in setting them up for success and we couldn’t be more on board to support this initiative.

Originally released in 2 scents: Vanilla and Mint, Sahajan has recently added two new scents: Chai and Coconut. Every one of these delicious scents is natural and amazing – don’t think of the Lip Smackers vanilla that smelled so fake you had to stop breathing to apply without gagging, Sahajan has perfected the aromas to be on-point and so delicious. This aligns with the rest of the collection, Sahajan does not use artificial fragrance in any of their products - au-natural baby! In addition to the scent, the product itself is what dreams are made of.

The consistency lies somewhere between the Cult-famous Laneige Lip Mask, and Glossier’s Balm Dot Com. Not too thin, not too thick – as goldilocks would put it, “Just right”. It gives you the benefits of a lip mask, with the glossy look of your favourite gloss. The packaging is also great for on the go - the squeeze tube keeps it sanitary (vs. a wand you stick back into the container every time), and makes it easy to apply without a mirror. If you’re like me, this is the type of product you will want to keep everywhere – on the nightstand, in your purse, at work, in the car, and with 4 scents it easy to stock up so your lips never feel neglected again! As we head towards the end of summer, Lip Karma is going to quickly become your fall and winter staple to keep your lips hydrated and glossy on-the-go as the dryer weather descends. Is fall your favourite season? Love the scarfs, shackets, and boots? Try Lip karma in Chai for the perfect spiced accompaniment to your fall fashion and pumpkin spice latte.

Havent tried Sahajan Lip Karma yet? This is your sign to pick one up on your next salon visit or add to cart on your next order – trust us, your lips will thank you and you will be earning some instant Karma, something I think everyone can use in their lives these days!