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Glazed Donut Nails – How to Recreate The Viral TikTok Nail Trend

If you have heard chatter on social lately regarding glazed donuts, you might be wondering if Krispy Crème is having a moment – nope! Glazed Donut Nails are trending on all social platforms as the nail look of the season. This hype is all thanks to the one and only, Hailey Bieber. The look is simple but not one we have see in past years – a sheer white or pink for coat number one with a champagne/silver shimmer on top create a shiny, classic look. The shimmer coat is the reason this look is being called the “glazed donut”; it's got that sheen, that sparkle, and that enviable YUM of a freshly glazed donut. The nail artist (@nailsbyzola) that created Hailey’s viral nail look at the Met this year has revealed the products used to create the infamous glazed donut nails that have kicked off this craze and let us tell you – no need to drop $$$ on a nail appointment! We have everything you need to create this look at home over and over! With other celebrities including Sydney Sweeny, Vanessa Hudgens and more re-creating the look, you know this look is celeb-approved.

No matter what variation of this look you are hoping to create, you better start with the basics – the OPI Infinite Shine Prostay Primer Base Coat and the OPI Infinite Shine Prostay Gloss Top Coat. These will ensure that your glazed donut nails stand the test of time.

The First Coat

For the Glazed Donut Nails, the EXACT polish @nailsbyzola used is none other than Funny Bunny by OPI. This is a sheer white that gives the perfect base for the shimmer layer. Want a more opaque first coat? Try OPI Infinite Shine in Alpine Snow or for an off-white first coat, try Abu Dhabi by Mavala. Feel free to tailor the look and make it your own, no need to copy exactly what Hailey wore – put your own twist on it.

The Shimmery Second Coat

Now that you have a nice base colour, time to add the sparkle, or in this case – the glaze! The perfect choice for that glazed look is Throw Me A Kiss by OPI. This shimmery pink-champagne mimics Hailey’s nails to perfection. As shown on Sydney Sweeny, we are also seeing variations where a shimmery pink tip is added instead of a full second coat – to achieve this look, try Princesses Rule by OPI. For a rose gold version, check out Worth A Pretty Penne by OPI.

Glazed donut nails are in this season, perfect for every occasion from a wedding to a pool party – they are here to stay. So hop on this trend or try a slight variation that matches your style and shine on like the scrumptious glazed donut you now definitely want to eat…. Did someone say Tim Hortons?