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The KMS Conscious Style - a Clean Collection Worth Trying

Have you heard? KMS has released a clean haircare + styling line and honestly, it’s about damn time. Yes, you heard it, this well-known professional haircare brand has released their very own sustainable collection and here is our honest opinion.

Early this year the brand curated their very own sustainable line called, Conscious Style. Like most of their products, this conscious collection is packaged in their iconic matte grey toned bottle, but with green text – an obvious choice to differentiate their diverse collections. Like most of their products, the packaging is gender neutral so anyone can purchase their products without the fear of it being “too girly”. So don’t worry boys, you can leave it out on your counter without the bros teasing you about it. 

The Collection

Unlike their other collections, this conscious line is made from raw, organic ingredients that are sustainably-sourced using ECOCERT certified Moringa Seed Oil and Oat Oil. Because of its organic origins, this entire line has a 90% + range of biodegradability; so be rest assured that these products are safe for the planet and your hair. A YASS QWEEN moment!

It consists of 3 haircare products – Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleansing Mist – and 2 styling products – Putty and Multi-benefit Spray – that are all infused with the good stuff and free from Sulfates, Silicones, micro-plastics, mineral oil, artificial dyes/colourants and of course, no animal derivatives. It's safe to say, that KMS Conscious Style is a vegan beauty!

The Ingredients

Like most haircare collections, there will be a star ingredient to steal the show - in this case, the star leads are Moringa Oil and Oat Oil. They are the muse to this artist and with the benefits of these ingredients, we completely understand why.

Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil is known to be rich in antioxidants, giving your hair protection against environmental pollutants as well as hydration. It also helps to strengthen hair follicles to assist in healthy hair growth while rejuvenating the hair with essential vitamins and minerals.

Oat Oil

Oat Oil has gentle and has soothing properties that serve in the maintenance of the scalps natural balance. Great for all hair types, it provides hydration and nourishment to the scalp while improving the elasticity of your locks. 

The Breakdown 

Shampoo + Conditioner

The first thing that stood out to us – the scent! If you love a crisp, fresh and clean scent, this shampoo and conditioner hits all the high notes. The formulas are light and gentle making it perfect for everyday use; as the name so perfectly describes.

With the initial use of the Everyday Shampoo, we found it very effective to cleanse the hair from oils, dirt and product build up. If you are the type that enjoys a good lather in your shampoo, this shampoo does just that but without the sulfates! A natural beauty with a luxurious bubbly lather that does not leave the hair feeling dry but squeaky clean and soft.

As for the Everyday Conditioner, it has a lightweight formula that left our hair feeling softer and smoother. Because of its light texture we’d advocate this conditioner to those with fine and curly hair. As for everyone else, we’d recommend using a heavier hand for even distribution.

After testing it out on curly and straight hair, it kept our strands smooth with less frizz while enhancing curl pattern. Our general consensus: a great shampoo and conditioner that perform like regular products but without the bad stuff! So, if you are looking to making the switch, this collection is your sign to.  

Multi-Benefit Spray

When it says this product is a multi-benefit spray, they really meant it. This Everyday Spray has all the benefits of a leave-in (hydration, thermal protection, fighting frizz) but with a light, flexible hold of a texturizing/finishing spray. Although it gave some hydration, it didn’t entirely give the hydration that we needed, especially in this 30 degree + weather. So, if you have coarser, dry, damaged hair, make sure to layer in a leave-in conditioner before applying this spray.

Cleansing Mist

Okay, this one we are pretty excited about – we took this baddy out for a test run in mother nature, and here is how she performed.

This Cleansing Mist is your dry shampoo but with a wet formula. Yes besties, you heard us right, a wet dry shampoo but without the water or rinsing. Did she perform as well as we thought? Our consensus: yes! Although it does require a bit more work and time, it effectively helped refresh our hair and counteracted any odours and oils.

We put it to the ultimate test during our 4-day camping trip and honestly, you could of thought we didn’t miss a wash day. It has a clean, refreshing scent like you just stepped out of the shower, making it a lifesaver especially when sharing a tent with your significant other, who by the way, thoroughly enjoyed the scent. It was quite literally refreshing for him, seeing as we hadn’t showered in days.

Is this your new go-to dry (wet) shampoo? yes, yes it is. So, if you are planning a camping trip this summer, definitely add this one to cart. 

Styling Putty

Okay, so we aren’t much of a putty girl, so this styling product wasn’t put to the test like the rest of the collection. But from our general first look and touch test, this Everyday Styling Putty is easy to work with unlike most. It has a very playful and light texture with a matte finish, making it perfect for everyday use.

Testing it out on our go-to summer slicked back hair, it didn’t leave it feeling sticky or stiff. It was easy to distribute throughout the hair and kept each strand in place. The best part about it was the removal. The easy to rinse formula melted out of the hair so easily that a rinse and repeat wasn't necessary – a huge deal breaker, if you ask us!

If you are fan girl of KMS but want to make the change to a more eco-friendly option, then the Conscious Style collection is for you. It’s everything that your original styling and haircare products can do but with a reduced carbon footprint and addictive scent. So go ahead beauties, treat yourself to a new haircare routine.