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Simple Beauty Swaps To Make For Summer

With warmer weather and sunnier skies becoming more regular these days, we all know that summer is here – and we couldn’t be happier! With the heat and humidity on the rise, our winter and spring beauty routine just isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Here are some simple swaps to make this summer in your beauty routine that will make a world of difference. Trust us, we live in the sunny Okanagan and with heat in the high 30’s for most of the summer months, we know a thing or two on how to make our makeup last all day and keep our skin feeling fresh.

The Mascara

One of the easiest swaps to make is to opt for a waterproof mascara vs. a regular one. You won’t have to stress about a spur of the moment hop in the lake or a sweaty, streaky mess of black if you get too hot. With the same effort and time to apply, you won’t even notice the difference when getting ready, but you most certainly will by the end of the day when your mascara hasn’t budged an inch, no matter what you got up to. Try the Shiseido Imperiallash Mascaraink Waterproof for major lift, length and volume, or the Buxom Extreme Lash Waterproof for huge volume and defined lashes.

The Base

Instead of your heavy moisturizer that is definitely needed to get you through those cold, dry winter months, summer is not the season for a thick base - just the opposite! We like to opt for a gel moisturizer instead of a cream moisturizer to lighten the base but not skimp on the hydration. Some of our favourites include the Teaology Matcha Fresh Cream which has a lightweight, gel consistency and absorbs like a dream. With a slight green tint, it even helps target redness and adds tons of hydration, without feeling greasy. Or try the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream for a refreshing formula that targets dark spots and brightens your skin tone.

The Tint 

Similar to our moisturizer, its time to swap out the full coverage foundation and go for a light coverage option or better yet, a skin tint. With sweat a plenty in the warmer weather, it doesn’t take much to make a heavy foundation feel cakey and start to shift. A skin tint on the other hand, does not sit heavy on your face and will stay in place all day long, especially if you top it with a quick dusting of a setting powder such as the bareMinerals Original Pressed Mineral Veil (which comes in 4 colours), or the Bodyography Blur, Set, Perfect Loose Finishing Powder. Our favourite skin tint, and for good reason, is the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30. This beauty has won numerous awards over the years, including winning the Allure Beauty Awards 4 times in a row! With 20 shades, this is a winner for a reason. It even contains SPF30 which is a bonus – we all know that sunscreen is a girls best friend. While we still recommend a dedicated sunscreen if you’re spending time in the sun, this extra SPF will be the reassurance you need to feel safe and covered all day long. Another fave is the Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Tint – this beauty is the perfect mix of skincare and makeup in one product. With 24 hours of hydration, a natural skin-like finish and 70% skincare ingredients – it’s the perfect “no-makeup” base this summer.

The Nails

One fun swap to make for summer is to update your manicure colour with something bright and fun to match the brighter weather! Swap out your jewel tones for a neon orange or a muted mint if you don’t want to go quite that bold. Try adding some fun nail art or an accent nail to play it up and make a statement. Need something more work-appropriate? Try a bold pink for a playful update to the classic pale pink. Find your colour with OPI or Mavala – the colour options are endless!

The Hair

For your hair, summer beachy waves are in full swing with tight updo’s and polished looks becoming a thing of past seasons. Your hair routine might need a couple simple changes to really play up the summer vibe. One of our favourite updates is to swap your regular hairspray for a dry texture spray. A dry texture spray will add volume and hold as well as some texture for that perfectly windswept, just from the beach look. If you’re not on board with the beachy look, a dry texture spray is also great for adding some volume to your curls or texture to your ponytail. Skip the shiny hairspray and firm hold, go for a more in-season look! Try the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, the new Aluram Dry Texture Spray, or anything from the Sexy Hair Texture collection – they’re all winners.

The Lips

The last swap that is simple and on-trend, not just for summer but throughout the beauty world in 2022 – ditch your matte lip and pick up a glossy balm instead. The gloss is back besties. While matte lipsticks have come a long way since those first drying, uncomfortable formulas, they are not ideal for summer. A gloss is a girl’s best friend – easy to apply without a mirror when you’re on the go, doesn’t melt in the hot sun, and gives you a natural look without looking overdone. The Sahajan Lip Karma is like a mask-gloss hybrid with no colour, just pure hydration and shine. Still want a bit of a tint? The bareMinerals Mineralist Lip-Gloss Balm comes in 15 shades, ranging from clear to a darker plum for every look you might want to rock. Want a little plump? Try the Buxom Full-on Plumping Lip Polish which comes in a whopping 36 shades!!

So whether you’re gearing up for a summer at the cabin, a work-filled week with happy-hour evenings, or a summer abroad - try these simple swaps to your beauty routine to ensure your products stand up to the warm weather and summer activities.