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Why the OPI Holiday 2022 Collection Is So Dreamy

While we are enjoying the fall weather and the arrival of October, we would be kidding ourselves if thoughts about the quickly approaching holiday season weren’t crossing our minds. Whether you are ignoring the festive decorations that are already hitting the shelves, or are deep in planning and creating gifting lists, we know that the holidays will be here in no time! OPI is right there with us with the release of their new Holiday 2022 collection – Jewel Be Bold. This year’s holiday collection is what dreams are made of, jeweled dreams to be precise. The inspo for this seasons collection is dreamy jewel tones and classic, rich colours that are ideal for the cooler weather and festivities that are already hitting your calendar. With some classics like rich reds and festive golds, OPI has also included more unique colours as part of this collection including 3 new glitters and some pinks that align with the Barbiecore trend we are seeing on social. One colour even mimicks the ever popular Glazed Donut trend – not sure what we are talking about? Check out our recent blog that breaks down the trend here.

The Jewels

The basis of the OPI Holiday 2022 collection surrounds jewel tones, hence the collection name: Jewel Be Bold! These include a luxe burgundy (Bring Out The Big Gems), a festive red (Rhinestone Red-y), a hot magenta (Charmed I’m Sure), a Barbiecore pink (Pink Bling And Be Merry), a rich berry (Feelin Berry Glam), a glittery green (Decked To The Pines) and a bold teal (Tealing Festive). All of these colours pack a punch and are the perfect statement-making colours to grace your nails this season.

The Metallics

The collection also includes some classics with a perfect gold (Sleigh Bells Bling) and silver (Go Big Or Go Chrome). It also features a more unique pearled baby blue metallic (The Pearl Of Your Dreams) that is the holiday version of the ever popular pastel from the summer.

The Glitters

OPI knew that glam is on the menu this season, including 3 new glitters that are out of this world! Pop The Baubles is a silver and gold glitter coat that looks amazing on its own for a subtle pop of shine or as a top coat over another colour for some custom glitz. The neutral colours make it perfect for your collection since it will pair well with any colour. I Pink It’s Snowing is a gorgeous hot pink/magenta glitter with pearlescent notes, pairing perfectly with a pink basecoat or a neutral. Finally, a darker glitter, OP I’ma Gem, that is perfect for those who love a darker nail. Dark glitters are not as common on the nail menu so we are so happy to see this new release for those that love the darker tones and moody vibes.

The Holiday Faves

OPI released 2 unique colours as part of the Holiday 2022 collection: Snow Holding Back and Merry and Ice. Both feature fine gold sparkle in a white or light pink base respectively. These colours are giving us the Glazed Donut vibes, without the layering that is usually required to create this look. They are subtle, more neutral, yet oh so glam for the holiday season. These colours will carry you through the entire year and we simply can’t get enough.

We love that OPI curated the Holiday 2022 collection with colours for everyone, featuring neutrals with a hint of shine, bold jewel tones, and out there glitters – this is a limited edition collection you won’t want to miss out on. If you’re like us and having a hard time picking just one colour to add to your collection, we won’t judge… add them all girl – you won’t be disappointed!