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The Hair Stick That Took Over Tik Tok and My Honest Opinion

Okay beauties and besties, let’s put our focus on this Tik Tok trending styling product – the Hair Stick by Bed Head. If you are a social media introvert and have no idea what on earth we are talking about, pull up your google and do your research. This infamous hair styling stick is well… a styling wax in the form of a stick. So, if you didn’t google it, there is your brief synopsis of the product.

But in all seriousness, this hair stick has been used by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner – the obvious iconic fashion models known for their slicked back hair styles, it's only right that these beauties started this viral Tik Tok trend.

The trend first started with Japanese made Tancho Hair Styling Stick, but unfortunately, this hair stick isn’t available in the US or Canada. So, do we really have the time to wait for long shipping times and not to mention import costs? No, we do not. So luckily for us, Bed Head has done us a great duty of creating their own version of this infamous hair stick. So, a huge thank you and round of applause goes to TIGI!


The Stick

Now, the concept of this product isn’t one to blow your mind away, but it is still an ingenious product and we honestly have no idea why no one came up with the concept sooner. But then again, we’ve come along way from the simple days, so any product that reduces the work is a win for us.

This product is your styling wax in the form of a stick, rather than a jar, so application is made easy with just one swipe – push up the product from the bottom and voila, you are ready to style!

Now, I am not the fondest of styling products in my hair, aside from my hairspray, but I love to change things up here and there with a clean, slicked back look. My go to is your classic high pony and bun, so when I do, I tend to reach for a gel. I find that many gels don’t have the hold to keep my baby hairs laid and keep the flyaways at bay, while pomades are just a bit too tough to work through the hair when it comes to these kind of styles. If I’m being completely honest, this would be the first time I had ever used a wax in my hair, and in my opinion… It’s a love-hate relationship. Okay okay, hate is a bit harsh but here is my honest opinion on this trending hair stick, with no cherries on top.  

My First Impression 

I loved the whole concept - and the ease of this product thanks to it's design - it makes application easy and quick to use. For using a wax in my hair for the first time, I loved how well it kept my hair in place. Like some of you beauties, I love my high ponies and buns, so the fact that this product kept everything in place, even under the windiest weather, was a complete win for me. If you are a fan of shaping your baby hairs to frame the face, this stuff is the absolute snatched b**** to keep your style serving all day! Yasss queen!  


I found from my initial application, it was a bit hard to work the product in, so a huge tip when applying the wax, work it into the back of your hands first to warm the product and then swipe it into your hair. It has a 4 out 5 hold, so best believe it will need a bit of work to get the right consistency for your desired application.

A great thing about this product is that you can layer it on without creating build up. But if you are wanting the ultimate smooth and slicked back look, use a bristle brush, like that of a teasing brush, to evenly distribute the product through the hair and provide a more polished, smooth finish. Unfortunately, I did not have one on hand, so the next best thing was a beard brush, which I stole from my boyfriend – side note make sure to ask, he wasn’t too happy walking in on me using his beard brush. But don’t worry besties, I kindly washed it before and after! And if we are being real with one another, it’s the best it's looked in years… but seriously, when was the last time he washed it?!

Another thing that caught my attention was the scent! If you are a sucker for a good Lavender scented product, then this hair stick is it. With a non-over powering scent, this hair stick radiated a soft Lavender aroma that honestly made me fall in love. Plus, a calm queen is a happy queen.

The Cons

With any product, there will be its pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, I did love this product but one thing that stuck to me, quite literally - the product removal. Being as someone who doesn’t use a wax or styling products often, I found that it was a bit more difficult to wash out of my hair so after a couple of washes, I was finally able to wash all the product out. Now, it may be dependable on what kind of shampoo you are using but still, we love the ease of a water-based product and wax is just not that! That being said, I highly recommend using a deep cleansing or detoxifying shampoo that removes product build up and oils. Unlike, pomades and gels, waxes are hydrophobic, which is good from a weatherproof perspective, but if you don’t want to be bothered by a rinse and repeat, use a good deep cleansing shampoo!

Besides this one con, this hair stick definitely lives up to its hype. If we had to give this product a star rating, it’d be a 4 out 5 - definitely in our top must-have styling products all year round.

If you love your slicked back styles, add to cart - because it will change the way you style your hair daily. It’s so easy to use with compact portability, you can take it anywhere with you! And the fact that its weatherproof, truly wins our heart and our pockets.