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COBIA: Inclusive + luxurious beauty products for all!

The Beauty of Mavala

Mavala has been in the beauty game for over 60 years, originating in Geneva, Switzerland. Their products are still formulated, developed and produced in Switzerland after all this time and are mindfully brought to life with the help of science and data-driven studies. It’s this thoughtfulness and thoroughness that stands behind every product in their collection, making them all trusted options for your beauty routine. Mavala is best known for their extremely wide range of nail treatments, nail care and nail colours but also for their easy-to-follow skincare regimes that conveniently come in collections for each skin type, making it easy and effortless to find the right products for you! We love the idea of easy-to-navigate skincare regimes, it makes it simple for everyone out there to master their skincare and not second-guess what to choose for each step of their routine, Mavala has taken the guesswork out of the equation!

The Best Sellers

Eye-Lite Double-lash

With eyelash extensions ever-popular these days, we know that lush lashes are at the top of most girls minds. However the regular upkeep, appointments and cost are definitely not a girls best friend. Mavala Double-Lash is a perfect solution – this treatment contains natural extracts that deliver potent vitamins and proteins to strengthen and grow your lashes and brows, the natural way. Just brush it on like a mascara every night and watch those babies grow!

Mavala Stop


One of the more unique products that Mavala brings to the table is Mavala Stop – it’s a transparent, harmless, brush on treatment that helps stop nail-biting and finger sucking thanks to it’s bitter taste! It’s designed to help you break that habit and is even safe for children over 3. While it’s not your regular nail treatment, it certainly fills a gap in the market for those that need a little help breaking that pesky habit.

Clean + Comfort Micellar Water

If you have sensitive skin, this one is for you! This ultra-soft dermo-cleanser is ideal for removing makeup, even stubborn eye makeup without the pulling and tugging. It dissolves every impurity on your skin and will leave your skin instantly cleansed and soothed. It can be used as a quick cleanse, but is best when paired with a traditional cleanser to round out the routine.

While Mavala offers curated skincare lines that make it easy to choose products from start to finish, they’re also suitable to mix and match as needed. Maybe you want some anti-aging benefits but don’t need the whole routine yet? Check out the Nutri-Elixir Anti-Age Nutrition collection. Have some stubborn acne, try adding some steps from the Pore Detox Collection.

Mini Color Nail Polish

Mavala’s iconic Mini Nail Polish line has been specifically designed to minimize solvent evaporation leading to less waste, and longer lasting polish. With its small size, these nail polishes are perfect to take with you on your travels when needing a little touch up. Their mini size also makes it easy to pick up all the colours your heart desires without a hit to the wallet, a win-win! So pick out your favourite colours for spring, summer, winter and fall - your nail wardrobe is about to grow and we are here for it!

The MAVALA Scientific K+ Nail Hardener

Mavala Scientifique K+ is a god save - it helps harden the natural nail plate to prevent breakage and splitting. This product is ideal for anyone that prefers to keep their natural nails long, without the annoyance of flimsy, breakable nails. It’s great for fake nail gals wanting to re-strengthen their nails after removal. With thousands of positive reviews and testimonies, we think it is safe to say – this stuff works!

The Mavaderma Nourishing Massage Oil for Nails

Do your nails need some tender, love and care? Mavaderma Nutritive Oil is the perfect fix to help stimulate nail growth and feed your nails with the proper nutrients they crave. With its easy brush-on applicator, this oil can be used on its own or on top of your polished nails without ruining your fresh mani.

Mavala has much more to offer, we could keep going on and on but we think it's best for you to take a look for yourself and discover the wide range of products that they have to offer! 

Why We Love Them

Mavala is a brand that does not mask, alter, or diminish natural beauty but instead, highlights, strengthens and accentuates it. Not to mention, Mavala actively includes feasibility and inclusiveness within their prices. The brand’s motive is clear and pure, focused upon not only meeting but exceeding all beauty consumer’s basic needs. AKA - a girl’s best friend. Check out the Mavala collection, trust us, you won’t be disappointed!