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Spring + Summer Nail Trends

We have entered a new season with summer fast approaching, as news buds bloom and flowers start to blossom, it’s time to change up our beauty routine and that includes our nail game. In this blog, we will be going over this Spring and Summer season nail trends that have already been making their debuts on the runways, red carpets and all over social media. If you are like us, where black is an all-season colour, then adding a pop of brightness or colour to your nails is just the right amount of vibrancy that you need.

The Colourways

Baby Soft Pastels

Image Courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram: @karwaszewska.indigo 

As mother nature starts to bloom all the beautiful array of flowers, its only right that we take some inspo from mother nature and reflect it on our nails. Baby soft pastels are back and we’ve been waiting all year to rock it again. Some popular pastels that will be seen everywhere is your baby blues, teals, pinks and yellows.

If you are looking for the right shade of baby blue try OPI’s Infinite Shine Nail Polish in Mexico City Move-Mint or for a more tiffany teal Mavala’s Mini Nail Polish in Phuket. For our girly girls out there, OPI’s Sweet Heart is the perfect shade of soft pink but if you are looking for a little more attitude then try Mavala’s Fiji polish.



Image Courtesy of Instagram: @remedynails 

Besides your famous pastel blues and pinks, periwinkle is the it girl pastel shade of the year. She is cute, she is stunning and she is the perfect amount of colour without being too in your face. Did we also mention she looks absolutely stunning on every skin tone. Yes ladies, periwinkle is your new must-have nail babe, so make sure you rock this fabulous shade this summer.

For a true periwinkle try OPI’s Infinite Shine Polish in You’re Such a Budapest or if you are looking for a shade on the bluer side, OPI’s To Be Continued.



Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Moving away from your pastels, we have their eccentric sisters - Neons. If you love living on the fun and daring side then neons are for you besties. This seasons must have neon colourways are Lime Green, Neon Pinks, Electric Yellows and Fiery Oranges.

If you are looking for the perfect fiery orange try Mavala’s Nail Polish in Jaipur, for a Neon Pink OPI’s Strawberry Margarita and for an electric yellow, OPI’s Don’t Tell a Sol.

Gem Tones

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Lets be honest, gem tones can be rocked any season - they are rich in colour but not too dark or bright to rock anytime of the year. It's your in-between for anyone wanting to flaunt some colour, but without being too in your face about it.

Our favourite gem toned shades are sapphire blues like Mavala’s Santa Monica, ruby reds like OPI’s Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes and emerald greens like OPI’s My Studio on Spring.


The Details

Mix and Match

Image Courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram: @vwnails_ 

One colourway is old news, mixing and matching your colours and nail art is the trend of the season. If you aren’t an art deco fan then change things up with a mix and match! Not into the rainbow vibe? Include one or two accent nails on your nail of choice. 

If you really want to step it up a notch, mix and match your finishes! Apply a matte top coat to a few nails on top of your colour of choice and let her set.

Swirls and Waves

Image Courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram: @vwnails_ 

This nail art trend is plastered everywhere on social media and we are here for it. It is the perfect amount of cool and fun that you can literally rock it with just about anything.

Take a fine-tipped nail brush and create your swirling/wavy patterns to your hearts desire, this nail trend is easy to achieve, it requires no precision or evenness that every nail can be different and it'll still look cool.

To bring your nail game to a whole new level, apply waves and swirls of different shades of your colour of choice. This brings a whole new dimension to your nail art and an absolutely stunning aesthetic.


Y2K Motifs

Image Courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram: @disseynails 

Recycling fashion and beauty trends are not news to us, so its only reasonable to bring back nail trends circa 2000. Nail motifs are back in style and we aren’t mad about it. Bring cute back with flowers, smiley faces, hearts, yin and yangs – really anything that you want. If this nail trend had a personality it would be a cross between your favourite Spice Girl and Lizzie McGuire. 

Use a fine-tipped nail brush or nail stickers and apply on top of your coloured polish. If you don't have an artistic bone in your body, try out nail stamps

French Tips

Image Courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram: @vwnails_ 

An all time classic that never gets old but does get glammed from time to time. Set your white tips aside and go for something bright like with a neon or pastel, if you are feeling more on the adventurous side go for designs like animal prints!

Using regular or nail tape, apply the tape to the bottom half of your nails to achieve your desired shape and length of your painted tips. Apply your polish or nail art of choice, let dry and peel off. Voilà freshly manicured french tips as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Nail Care

If you are looking to rock any of these styles then you need a healthy and clean canvas. In order to do this you need the right products and tools, luckily for you, COBIA carries a variety of hand and nail care products to help you achieve your best nail care regimen. 

Base + Top Coat

Just like an art canvas you need to prep and prime. Use a base coat like OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat and apply onto your entire nail bed. This base coat will help your coloured polish cling on for longer-lasting colour and wear for up to 7 days. Base coats also act as a protective layer, helping to prevent your natural nails from turning yellow, or getting tinted from your polish. 

After you've applied your coloured polish, it's time to set those babies before they make their preview out into the world. Que the Top Coats. Top coats will help seal in your colour while prevent chipping and flaking. 

For an iconic shiney finish apply OPI's Infinite Shine Prostay Gloss, or for a high-shine gel-like finish, Seche Vive's Instant Gel Effect Top Coat - no UV lamp needed. Not a fan of a high shine finish? Then go for OPI's Matte Top Coat

If you're like us, impatient and too busy to wait for our nails to dry, then Mavala's Oil Seal Dryer is a god send. This nail oil speeds the curing process to reduce the drying time in just seconds and also helps to nourish and soften your cuticles. So have no fears, Mavala's Oil Seal Dryer is here! 

Cuticle Oil 

As you would in any nail salon, finish your fresh mani or pedi with a hydrating and nourishing cuticle oil. Your cuticles surround your nails so if they are dry and peeling, it really does take away from your fresh polish, so lets avoid that with Mavala's Cuticle Oil. This oil helps to soften those dry and hard cuticles with Sunflower, Sweet Almond and Olive oil, providing them with the right amount of moisture and without smearing your polish. 

No one has perfect hands or nails and since we use our hands quite literally for everything, they go through it all but it doesn't mean we should neglect them. Keep your hands healthy and youthful with any of our nail or hand treatments that we carry from brands like Mavala, OPI, Nail Tek and Seche Vite

The nail game has come so far from what it was a decade ago. Whether you have dry, cracked hands, fragile nails or bad nail biting habits, there is literally a treatment for it all! We want you to feel and look fabulous from head to toe, so go treat yourself beauties and make sure to take advantage of our May Sales and save up to 25% OFF select hand and nail care products!