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Sutra - The Game Changer

Today, we are shining the spotlight on an incredibly unique, well-deserving brand. One that not only strives to develop the most effective, innovative, and cutting-edge hair tools but has also proved to continuously take into account important elements such as usability and efficiency into every one of their designs. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the one, the only... Sutra!


About the Brand

Sutra Beauty was established by a passionate group of hair styling professionals to create top of the line hair products - but without breaking the bank. And through their success, Sutra has become one of the leading hairstyling innovators and the brand of choice by many professionals around the world.

With the high-quality of their products, Sutra Beauty is one of the most reliable, innovative brands in the hair tools industry. Now that’s something we can stand by!

Top 3 Best Sellers

1) The Infrared Thermal Brush

Now, I don’t know about you... but this bad boy is at the top of our Christmas list! This cutting-edge hair tool minimizes your usual styling time, while leaving your hair shiny, soft and frizz-free. You can create waves, curls, or pin-straight locks. With the Infrared Thermal Brush the possibilities are practically limitless. *Chef’s kiss*

2) The IR2 Infrared Flat Iron

Now this isn’t just your normal hair flat iron - this flat iron’s advanced infrared heating technology heats the hair from the inside out, protecting the outer cuticle of the hair while preventing heat damage. It leaves a healthy-looking gloss while creating soft, smooth, silky, gorgeous strands within minutes. It’s extended cool tip edges offer easy, quick styling and maneuverability Its also equipped with rapid temperature control so you can adjust the heat to your liking or hair type.

To paint you a picture, it’s like the apple watch of flat irons. So, toss that standard flat iron and swap it for the Sutra IR2 Infrared Flat Iron… or add it to your Christmas list. 😉

3) The Professional 3” Blowout Brush

Saving the best for last and our personal favourite, The Professional 3” Blowout Brush. This outstanding hair tool is a serious must-have for creating major volume in record time. This brush is equipped with mixed Nylon and Boar bristles which work to detangle the hair while adding luscious shine and softness.

It’s the perfect combination of both a blowdryer and round brush, to give you the ultimate Victoria Secret blowout. So, get ready for the runway because you’ll definitely feel like a VS Angel with this boss b****.

What can we say, it’s quite simply... revolutionary! And we aren’t being dramatic...

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Sutra has truly changed the haircare game by allowing the opportunity for minimal effort, minimal time, and minimal damage while creating salon-quality hair styles at home. So, if this is your first time ever hearing of Sutra... well, frankly, you are welcome darling. Now go ahead and treat yourself!