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Introducing Authentic Beauty Concept

If you haven’t heard, you will now. Ladies and gents we at COBIA are super excited to introduce Authentic Beauty Concept to our selection of Clean Beauty Brands.

As the name says it all, this beautiful brand believes in authentic beauty which begins the moment you decide to be yourself. This clean and natural haircare line uses pure ingredients that are carefully selected to create wholesome formulas.

With a strong belief in pure formulas, authentic hair, mindful experiences and a no filter-attitude, this brand is speaking to us at a high frequency and we are here for it!


The Brand

Authentic Beauty Concept is a holistic premium brand that is inspired by artisans and hairdressers that share the same values. With beliefs that are real, honest and purpose-driven, this brand is making waves in the haircare industry for their transparency and inspiring principles to embrace our imperfections – a belief that we stand by here at COBIA.       

Not only are they hitting all our heartstrings and boosting our confidence, but the brands aesthetic is every girls dreams with a minimalistic design and the use of pastel colours… you best believe that our bathroom shelves are filled with ABC products.

So, be a part of the #authenticbeautymovement - embrace your perfect imperfections and be a part of a diverse community of mindful advocates cultivating empathy, experience and skills.

The Products

If you haven’t fallen in love with the minimalistic design, you will definitely fall in love with their formulas. Authentic Beauty Concept only uses pure, clean ingredients with formulas that are Vegan-friendly - wax paste, shaping cream excluded - and cruelty-free. So, no animals or the planet were harmed in the making of their products. They are even PETA certified - how fabulous is that!

There are 6 collections targeting different hair concerns: Hydrate, Glow, Amplify, Replenish, All Hair Types and Embrace Styling.


This line embraces the summer delights of Mango and Basil, providing a light fruity aroma with a subtle hint of sweet Vanilla. This hydrating line is great for those with dry hair to help regenerate and revitalize. It contains Guar Extracts – a natural silicone replacement – to leave the hair soft and shiny.

Get soft, hydrated, tousled locks with the Hydrate line – trust us, you are gonna love it!

*Essence not available at COBIA*


Inspired by a local bakery, the Glow line contains Date and Cinnamon which are known for their conditioning and firming properties while enhancing the colour and glow of your hair. The ultra-light sensual aroma not only includes Date and Cinnamon but notes Vanilla and Tonka, taking you on a sweet aromatic experience to your favourite local bakery. We’ll take a dozen please!

*Essence not available at COBIA*


Formulated with Green Tea and Lime, the Amplify line is for those with fine hair. It helps to regenerate and energize the hair, providing it with body and volume. The lightweight formula does not weigh the hair down while Green Tea Leaf Extracts nourishes the hair with free-radical fighting, antioxidants.

The Amplify range includes a Cleanser, Conditioner and Leave-In that radiates a luxurious fresh scent of Green Lime, Mandarin and Green Tea with subtle notes of Freesia – perfectly packaged in pastel green bottles. If you aren’t adding these products into your cart, we sure are! 😉



Every now and then everyone needs a little boost - including your hair. Formulated with Maple and Pecan Nut Extracts, the Replenish line nourishes and strengthens damaged, brittle hair while Hydrolyzed Soy Protein helps to smooth the hair’s structure.

Hello luscious locks!

The Replenish range includes a Cleanser, Conditioner, Mask, Leave-In Conditioner and Heat Protectant Balm that unveils a soft, luminous and sweet aroma of Maple Syrup, Black Sandalwood and Pecan.

All Hair Types

The All Hair Types range includes the Nourishing Hair Oil and the Deep Cleansing Shampoo. The versatile oil helps to enhance shine, tame frizz and seal the cuticles of split ends while protecting the hair from heat damage of up to 450°F. The shampoo absorbs grease and impurities from the hair and scalp, thanks to Rice Extracts - providing you with luscious, clean locks without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Indulge in this lines fresh, elegant and feminine floral aromas of Rose, Freesia Blossoms and Violet with subtle notes of creamy musk and mellow woods.


Embrace Styling

Haircare aside, lets take a look at Authentic Beauty Concepts styling range – Embrace Styling. The expansive array of styling products includes Texturizing Sprays, Hairsprays, Pomade and so much more.

Formulated with natural ingredients and without the use of synthetic alternatives like Mineral Oil, Parabens and Silicones – each product provides long lasting performance and pliable textures.

There is a definitely product for you within this styling range, not to mention, the scent is to die for! You’ll fall in love with the light, powdery fragrance with the blend of feminine floral bouquets.


Brace yourself for this simplistic yet high performance haircare brand, that will sweep you off your feet. With a beautiful minimalistic design and pure, nature-powered ingredients, Authentic Beauty Concept is the must-have green beauty brand for all of your haircare needs!