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A Bonding Haircare System That Won't Break The Bank

Summer is almost at an end and it’s a bitter, sweet pill to take. Although the summer fun is ending, there is still lots to look forward to in the fall season -  like pumpkin spice lattes and shackets, to name a few. As the seasons change our hair does too, whether that’s a new colour or style, and as the weather slowly grows colder, our hair is exposed to more drying conditions. Naturally, we'll need to change our haircare!

If you are like us and love to express yourself through your hair then follow along as we highlight this must have hair care collection that is perfect for the fall season… but really, any season if you ask us. What is this collection you ask? The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate.

The Collection

This new collection by Redken is an absolute must for your hair, especially if you love changing it as much as we do. If we could change our hair everyday like the celebrities do, we would, but let’s be real - our hair couldn’t possibly take all the stress (queue wigs and extensions). But if you are a seasonal hair chameleon then you need the Acidic Bonding Concentrate collection.

This collection consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment that is infused with Citric Acid and Acidic pH to help reinforce and strengthen weakened bonds in your hair. But it doesn’t stop there! It also defends your hair against the negative effects of hair colouring, chemical treatments, styling tools and - you guessed it - pollution. 

The Shampoo

The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo is a sulfate-free all-in-one formula that strengthens and repairs all types of damaged hair, so whatever your damage is, this shampoo is here and ready to make your hair feel and look better. Hello hair therapy!

If you are the type that likes a good lather, then this shampoo is for you. But don’t worry - like we said, this shampoo is sulfate-free so it won’t strip your hair or make it feel dry and brittle. That being said, although it is a nourishing shampoo, it won’t make your hair feel heavy or oily. So to all my oily, fine hair gals: this shampoo is a safe bet for all hair types!

The Conditioner

Not to choose favourites but this conditioner is the star of the collection! If you don’t believe me, ask my boyfriend - he couldn’t keep his hands off it! Yes ladies, I trained my man to use conditioner and so can you. 😉

This conditioner was a dream, nay is a dream! It provides much needed hydration while not being too heavy on the hair. Like many nourishing conditioners, they tend to be on the thicker side and harder to wash out of the hair but with the Acidic Bonding Conditioner it washed out with such ease – a winning trait for myself and my boyfriend. So, if you are looking to transition your hubby to a conditioner, she is the one.

The Leave-In Treatment

Of course, no haircare routine is complete without a post shower treatment. The Acidic Bonding Leave-In Treatment is the perfect match for this polyamorous haircare relationship; it provides intense conditioning while repairing and strengthening each strand, and providing colour fade protection. Basically, this treatment is your IV drip but for your hair! But hold up, it doesn’t stop there - it's also your heat protector and frizz tamer. Is there anything this treatment can’t do? The answer is no, it does it all. So, if you plan to cop this collection, make sure you add the leave-in to cart.

With many brands coming out with their own bonding technology to compete with the OG Olaplex, Redken truly hit the high note with this collection. So whether you are looking to change up your haircare routine or looking for an affordable option for bonding haircare products, this collection is one that you won’t regret. The quality and effectiveness of these products are top notch without breaking the bank; the hair gods will be smiling down on you while your partner praises that you didn’t just put yourselves into debt. A win, win for all! So, the next time you plan to treat yourself, definitely pick up these beauties – your hair will thank you.