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Introducing Booby Tape

Booby Tape at COBIA Salon + Store

Hey Booby Tape - welcome to the COBIA family!

At COBIA, we always love a natural approach to a beauty problem - and who doesn't love a non-invasive, instant boob job? In case you haven't already heard of them, Booby Tape created (and made famous) the ORIGINAL boob tape, a product that functions exactly like it sounds it does. Booby Tape is a high-quality, ultra-sticky, and mega-strong tape that holds your tatas in place, eliminating the need for a bra and creating endless options for dresses and shirts. Booby Tape is the stuff that made them famous: a renowned tape used by celeb stylists, runway coordinators, and more to keep clothing (and your boobies) securely in place - no matter what you're wearing.

Booby Tape is also a female-led brand, which is something that's so important to us! The company was started by two whip-smart ladies who wanted to solve a seemingly simple problem that no one had gotten right yet: produce a product that created the effect of a breast lift, but without having to undergo any actual procedures. With this goal in mind, the team made the original Booby Tape and blew up (because, naturally, their stuff is the real deal). Fast forward a few years, and they've expanded to offer everything you could ever want regarding chest and breast care.

Nip-slip Who? 

The three products we're undoubtedly the most excited about are what brought Booby Tape into the game: the classic, essential double-sided boob tape and their itty-bitty nipple covers. 

Bye-bye, bra straps! Booby Tape is here to let you wear whatever you want, whenever you want, with any outfit you want. From A-cups to H-cups and everywhere in between, this tape is designed to keep you securely in place and support any bust size. 

Nipple covers go hand-in-hand with boob tape - luckily, we've got those too! Use these alongside your new boob tape to protect that sensitive area. Don't need the tape? No worries - the nipple covers can also be worn on their own while you go breezy and bra-free. 

Booby Tape: The OG! This is a super-sticky roll of tape guaranteed to lift any bust size - yes, it's that strong! Available in 4 different colours so you can hide this under any clothing color, this is your ultimate wear-any-top new bff. Hot tip - to protect sensitive areas, we recommend applying nipple covers before applying tape!

Double-Sided Tape: stop any piece of clothing in its place! With this fashion tape that keeps clothing securely in place, you'll never worry about a wardrobe malfunction again. 

Nipple Covers: exactly what they sound like. Bare (almost) all and go free in your fav breezy top! Wear them on their own or underneath the classic Booby Tape to make tape removal easy and protect that sensitive area. Also available in silicone!

Silicone Inserts: want a boost without the boob job? No problem - these 100% silicone inserts add the perfect "wow" factor and are reusable and waterproof. 

The Skincare Revolution 

If you thought skincare stopped at the face, we're here to steer you in the right direction gently! Thanks to Booby Tape, we've also got you fully covered - check out their entire line of skin care and anti-aging products developed specifically for the delicate skin of the decollete area. Here are some of the products we're the MOST excited for: 

Miracle Pink Breast Scrub: your new solution to banishing acne, healing scarring, and keeping your decollete young! Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals polish and buff to rid your chest of dead skin cells and to keep oil and impurities at bay. The perfect addition to the "everything shower". 

Firming Breast Lotion: remember your mom telling you to lotion up your legs nightly? We're here to tell you that your boobies need the same love! Apply this to help fade stretch marks and to strengthen and firm your delicate skin for a younger look. 

Pink Clay Breast Mask: the ultimate self-care addition and the perfect way to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and firm. Are you having a self-care moment? Add this to your face-mask routine and ensure the girls get the same love as your face! 

Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Chest Pad: we've all seen silicone face pads, right? These are (obviously) the Booby Tape version! Medical-grade silicone prevents wrinkles by supporting collagen formation, keeping your skin young!

24K Gold Breast Mask: the finishing touch! Hydrolyzed collagen absorbs quickly into the skin, giving you a boost of hydration and reducing wrinkles and dryness. 

The Finishing Touch - Booby Makeup! 

Ever see a pap photo of some gorgeous celeb looking bronzed and beautiful everywhere? That subtle, healthy glow on the decolletage area can be achieved with just a couple of simple products - here are the "finishing touches" from Booby Tape that'll level up your night-out look: 

Stas Illuminating Bronzer: looking for the perfect finishing touch to complete your going-out look? Add drama with a beautifully bronzed, glowy finish. Available in 2 shades.

Stas Illuminating Bronzer Brush: an almost-kabuki brush designed to give you a flawless, seamless application. A must-add if you're dying to try the bronzer! 

Makeup Remover Pads: take the night off with these gentle, reusable makeup remover pads. Made with bamboo, these pads deep-clean to keep your decollete clean and clear.