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The 90's are Back - And So Is Bed Head


Calling all millennials! If you're an 80's or 90's baby, you definitely remember Bed Head. Crimping your hair and then sealing it with styling gel? Going through a can of hair spray a week just for your daily styling? Flat ironing those bangs within an inch of your hair's life? Yeah, we remember too.

Hands up if you spent waaaay too long in the 90's & early 2000's trying to mimic these absolute icons

From morning before-school routines to diverse sub-culture hairstyles that defined a generation, Bed Head was cultivating creativity with a passion by offering styling products that promoted unapologetic expression. 

Whether you were immersed in pop culture, making up your own rules and using hair as a self-expression billboard, or just figuring out how to style your hair at all, you definitely used this stuff. What you might not know is that Bed Head is still a top-rated brand with formulas that are constantly getting better, delivering on shine, hold, anti-frizz, and more - all at prices that definitely remind us of the 90's.

P.s. If you relate to this, then girl - it's time to break out the anti-aging skincare. More on that later, but in the meantime, shop the serums you need here.


Bed Head is literally the hairdressing god of the 90’s and everyone owned a Bed Head product at some point in their lives during the 90’s and 2000’s. But don’t get it confused - Bed Head is still a leading hair care brand with bold packaging that helps them stand out from the rest.

Bed Head was founded in 1996 by hairdressing icon and creative anarchist, Anthony Mascolo. They're the OG rebel hair brand that challenged the polished aesthetic of hairdressing at the time - a true rebel at heart with a "don't give a f*** attitude" that we can stand by! With their passion for creative experimentation, fearless self-expression, and iconic bright packaging, Bed Head products became a staple for both hair care professionals and amateurs.

They’ve kept to their creative and professional ethos, delivering phenomenal results in the salon and at home. With inspirations from music, fashion, technology and art, BedHead has unleashed creativity through their amazing products, inspiring others to express their individuality. 




Bed Head Hair Stick: the secret to the clean girl aesthetic, model-off-duty, slick-back bun look. 

If you've been on TikTok lately you've definitely seen the takeover of the Bella Hadid-inspired slick-back bun - clean lines, a bit of shine, and a pair of gold hoops make this a classy, easy-to-wear staple look. It's also a moderately protective hairstyle, especially if you opt for a scrunchie instead of traditional hair elastics (this helps avoid breakage and pulling!). 

It's easy enough to style when you've got the inside scoop. The Bed Head Hair Stick is a smoothing stick perfect for creating that sleek look, smoothing fly-aways and baby hairs. The Hair Stick also provides some hold - it's not going to have the same effect as a hairspray, but it'll leave you with a more pliable, natural-looking hold that you can brush back and shape. 

Simply pull your hair back tight and fix into a bun or ponytail (if you're going for the slick ponytail look, we definitely recommend straightening and then applying a smoothing cream first!). Once you've got the rough hairstyle you're looking to achieve, simply uncap the hair stick and smooth back flyaways, starting from the hairline or your part to the back of your head.


So whether you're going for the clean girl look, pulling off throwback styles, or just keeping your hair healthy with styling basics, Bed Head's got a product for you. Browse all Bed Head products to get the inspo you need 💖