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Personal Skincare Tools Just Hit Spa-Status

We are here for the serums, we’re here for the toners and we’re here for the exfoliators but what about a product that does it all in a push of a button? Drumroll please! We at COBIA, are ecstatic to give you the exclusive on, dare we say... a game changer - Pmd’s Personal Skincare Tools!

The Intentions

Pmd has truly hit the ground running with their innovative, spa-grade skin care technology. And as for their message? CEO, Sam Alexander said “We believe Pmd beauty can empower individuals to love who they are and embrace all that life has to offer.” Now that’s an attitude we can get behind. Go off Sam. Go off.

Pmd has even produced their own video series entitled “#BrilliantConfidence” Which shares the empowering stories of men and women who embody #BrilliantConfidence, in hopes to spark the same mindset in others. Honestly, with motives this pure and products this innovative, it’s simply hard not to love them.

About the Products

The Personal Microderm Tool

Pmd is an iconic brand that has blessed us all with an at-home, Personal Microdermabrasion tool. These babies will treat everything, from fine lines and dark spots to enlarged pores and blemishes, leaving you with your most radiant, smooth and even complexion.

Not only can these handheld gems help to eliminate practically any and every facial skin concern, but can also be used on the body! So go ahead and finally give the rest of your body the love it deserves too! Because let's not forget, skincare is for more than just your face! And frankly, we’re so glad someone finally said it…

While traditional, microdermabrasion treatments can cost a whopping average of $167+ per single session - Pmd’s revolutionary technology allows the opportunity for safe, personal, at-home treatments without burning a massive hole through your wallet.

Thanks to their feasible, wide range of Personal Microderm tool versions and price points, you can get your hands on your very own Personal Microderm tool for less than $200! So go on, get excited! It is officially time to truly discover your most radiant complexion and we’ll cheers to that.

At COBIA, we carry Pmd’s Personal Microderm tools in 3 unique versions and price points. The Classic, The Pro, and The Elite Pro. Each version offers 2 unique, customizable colour choices, apart from the Elite Pro - which is solely an exclusive soft rose tone.

What are the differences, you ask? Let us break it down for you.

The Microderm Classic tool offers a single speed with classic face & body caps and a wide range of discs, while Microderm Pro and Microderm Elite Pro offer 2 speeds with smooth-glide face & body caps and a fuller range of discs. To sum it up, while each version aims to provide the same results, some simply offer a deeper level of comfort, design aesthetic and efficiency.

How To Use

1 | Plug-in device

2 | Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly

3 | Using the white disc, practice on arm or leg before using on the face

4 | Pull skin tight to help device smoothly glide over skin

5 | Move the device quickly across the skin in an upward motion

6 | Wash the cap and filter after each use

Looking For an Everyday Cleansing Device In Between Treatments?

We’ve got you covered. It just so happens, the Pmd Clean device not only ensures a deep cleanse, but provides a way to lift, firm and tone the skin. At COBIA, we carry two Pmd Clean device versions. Pmd Clean – for your face, and Pmd Clean Body – for, well... you guessed it, your body.

The Details

Both versions feature SonicGlow Technology which send over 7,000 vibrations per minute and offer 4 different modes for a deep, cleansing treatment. Pmd Clean Body (as seen above, on the left) is antibacterial and waterproof with 3 interchangeable magnetic attachments - the Silver-Infused loofah, Aluminum Oxide exfoliator and Relax Body massager. It has an ergonomic design and rechargeable battery making it the perfect bath and body accessory to fit your needs!

It helps to reduce breakouts and ingrown hairs while lifting, firming, and toning for softer, smoother, healthy-looking skin.

Pmd Clean has4 modes that are designed not only for a deep cleansing treatment but also, to remove dirt, makeup, and other impurities. What makes this cleansing tool special is the double sided head - use the back (ridged side) to apply your serums, moisturizers and oils. The sonic vibrations help your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the epidermis (top layer of skin) enhancing the efficacy of your products.

Just like all Pmd’s Cleansing Devices, it is antibacterial and waterproof, so you can even take it in the shower with you! Here at COBIA, it is available in berry, blush and teal, includes a stand for easy storage, and requires no replacement heads! *Battery operated*


When all is said and done, you can rest assured knowing your skin receives nothing but spa-grade, gold standard care. So, kiss goodbye to dark spots, blemishes, fine lines and enlarged pores - and don’t ever look back.

That’s right, skincare just got that much simpler.