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Milk_shake: The Sweet Hair Care Brand Making Waves

Milk_shake is one of the most trendy brands in the 2021 haircare game – and for good reason! The brand has exploded in popularity since its first arrival to the market in 1999 and although you might not have heard much about them as a brand or their products until now – we want to change that!

The Brand

Milk_shake (yes, you read that right – the brand is spelled milk_shake, not Milkshake!) is dedicated to creating step-by-step solutions for all hair types. They strive to create natural, organic products with a recognition of the environmental impact their manufacturing and products have on the world. This is why they never test on animals, and they avoid the use of parabens, sulphates, and sodium chlorides. Their products are made in the land of wine and pasta – Italy! While milk_shake products may smell good enough to eat or drink – we do not recommend trying to do so, keep them for your hair! With nature at the forefront of their company practices, they opt for sustainable components and packaging while never slacking on quality. Their aluminum cans are made from permanent resources and can be recycled indefinitely, their plastic bottles and tubes are made from 50% recycled plastic and are completely biodegradable thanks to a special additive, and their dispensers and caps can be recycled – and may even end up being used to make new milk_shake bottles. With visually appealing packaging and delicious scents, their environmentally friendly products will take you on a journey to visibly healthy hair.

Milk_shake currently has two main product lines – their core hair care line that features some of their bestsellers such as Incredible Milk and Silver Shine Shampoo (don’t worry, we will explain more about these soon!) and their Lifestyling product line that offers styling solutions for all hair types, allowing you to create amazing looks from start to finish.

The Ingredients

Milk_shake – sounds like something you crave on a hot day right!? But what does that have to do with hair care? One key ingredient in milk_shake products is milk protein. Milk proteins have a highly conditioning effect on the hairs structure and increase volume, elasticity and colour retention while repairing damage. Another prominent ingredient in their hair care products is Integrity 41. While this doesn’t sound like an ingredient you may have heard before, that’s because its very unique! It’s composed of hydroglycolic sunflower extract which is very rich in antioxidant polyphenols. What is a polyphenol you may ask? They are simply a range of natural compounds that we get through plant-based products, and are found in everyday foods such as berries, whole grains, peppers, seeds and apples. They are extremely beneficial towards your health, or in this case, your hair health! Integrity 41 is a powerhouse for hair care and milk_shake takes advantage of this – but guess who truly benefits…. Yo

The Products

There are so many products to discuss, it would soon turn into a novel - so instead we will focus on introducing a few of their bestsellers – being bestsellers for a reason.

One of the fan favourites is the Leave In Conditioner. Its perfect for those with normal or dry hair and works to protect your hair and its natural moisture balance. With the two key ingredients mentioned previously – Milk Protein and Integrity 41 – your hair will be easier to comb and will have revitalized shine and an amazing colour seal. With 1 sold every 2 minutes, you know its going to be good.  

Another bestseller is the Incredible Milk which is just that, INCREDIBLE! This leave-in spray mask hair treatment delivers 12 benefits in one amazing product. It offers UV protection, damage repair, colour protection, heat protection, it detangles, prolongs your style, adds shine, creates body and volume, controls frizz, prevents split ends, promotes easy straightening and smooths the cuticle – phew that was a lot. All of this is possible thanks to the unique formula that includes Muru Muru Butter which is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A which is reparative and nourishing, and of course milk protein. It is suitable for all hair types and will soon become a favourite and staple in your hair care routine!

If you’re a blonde, you’re gonna love this next one – Silver Shine Shampoo! Protect against environmental pollution and unwanted yellow tones that detract from your hairs natural beauty with this shampoo formulated specifically for blonde or grey hair. With a combination of vitamin-rich blueberries and berry extract, in addition to milk proteins, your hair will be kept bright and shiny. For intense cool blondes, use with Silver Shine Conditioner and Silver Shine Whipped Cream while those with cool blonde tones should pair this shampoo with the Silver Shine Conditioner for best results.

While these are just a couple of our favourite milk_shake products, we literally cannot pick a favourite! With so many options for different hair types and concerns, we suggest you explore their lineup to find the best options for you. If you want help choosing which might be best for you, reach out to our team – we love giving personalized recommendations to get you on the road to your best hair ever!