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Matrix A Curl Can Dream - What Sets It Apart?

Dreaming of lush curls, waves and coils? No need to dream honey because your dreams have manifested into the real-life deal – Matrix A Curl Can Dream. Matrix has thoughtfully created this curl pattern-preserving system designed for all types of curls, leaving no curl behind and hitting all the notes of inclusivity.

So, what makes this Matrix line different from other curl collections? Easy. How it was developed. A Curl Can Dream was developed with pattern experts and continuously tested on over 300 women. But the process did not stop there - after testing 50 different types of formulas on over 300 models, Matrix finally found the perfect formula.

After 18 months of co-collaborating with texture experts, they were able to formulate A Curl Can Dream. The star ingredient that changed it all – Manuka Honey Extract! Yes honey, honey is the key to the calibration between moisture and definition to sustain and reinforce every curl and coil pattern. These products have been put to the test and came out glowing with all aces!

Why We Love Honey

Honey isn’t just good in your tea but is ahh-mazing in your haircare! It contains high levels of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Antioxidants, providing bountiful hair benefits; we totally get why it’s the base of A Curl Can Dream.

One of its standout benefits is that it is deeply moisturizing, which if you think about it, makes perfect sense to use on curly hair. But it doesn’t stop there - Honey is also known to promote a healthy scalp, which in turn can promote healthy hair growth as well as reducing breakage and adding a natural (non-oily) shine. So, thank our little buzzing friends for blessing our hair and food with their sweet, delicious nectar!

The Collection

After a thoughtful and long process, A Curl Can Dream came to life comprising of 5 curl products: Shampoo, Hair Mask, Leave-In Cream, Light-Hold Gel and Light-Weight Oil. The entire collection is dedicated to moisturize and shape for your curls + coils while also protecting curl pattern at every step! The cherry on top - the entire line is formulated without Silicone, Sulfates and Parabens, so rest assured your hair will thrive.

Step 1 | Deep Cleanse

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Shampoo is a deep cleansing shampoo that removes product buildup and debris, while preserving curl pattern and locking in moisture.

Step 2 | Nourish

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask is a deep conditioner that intensely hydrates the hair, bringing life back to your curl definition.

Step 3 | Moisturize

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Moisturizing Cream works as a styling cream as well as a leave-in treatment. It has a non-flaking,  non-crunching formula that makes it a perfect product for layering with any of your Matrix A Curl Can Dream products without build-up or drying out the hair and scalp.

Step 4 | Definition

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel is a styling cream that defines and preserves your curl and coil pattern. It has a no crunch or flaking formula, so you can layer on your products without worrying about product build-up.

Step 5 | Shine

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Lightweight Oil is a hair and scalp oil that is enriched with Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil. It adds softness, shine and tames frizz, making it the perfect styling finisher to sperate your curls and add a healthy shine!

So, listen up my curly haired friends, if you are looking for a new haircare regimen that will let your curls thrive, A Curl Can Dream is it. Matrix is a leading professional hair care and colour brand, providing you with high-quality products that deliver superior results and this latest collection is yet another banger!