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COBIA: Inclusive + luxurious beauty products for all!

LOMA: Nature + Science Coming Together

Natural and clean beauty products are on the rise. With many brands out there consciously trying to make efforts to be more sustainable, let us talk about brands that are natural and clean from their CORE.

Queue LOMA ...

LOMA was founded by Cosmetic Chemist, David Hanen, who also was a salon stylist and salon owner before becoming an innovator for sustainable beauty products. David wanted to create a collection of aromatic and organically infused products with his family in mind. Thus, the beginning of LOMA Hair & Body Care. The word LOMA refers to the balance between mind, body, soul, spirit, and health. It is also the Sanskrit word for hair!

LOMA is a naturally inspired, organically infused hair and body care line with a focus on environmentally conscious product formulations and manufacturing. Carrying an array of products - haircare, styling products, body washes, body lotions, lip balms and candles - that are free from Parabens, Dioxanes, Phthalates, Hormones, Pesticides and all the synthetic ingredients that you may want to avoid in your beauty products! Each LOMA product contains their star ingredient, Organic Aloe Vera Gel - which has amazing healing and soothing properties. Their innovative use of Aloe has given them an advantage in the green beauty industry. Their products are also Gluten, Soy-free and NEVER tests on animals, which makes LOMA® a Vegan-friendly line. (Note: some styling products contain beeswax) 

With a passion for the process, each ingredient and raw material found in their products are researched and tested to be as clean as they claim to be. Nature and Science working together to provide you with non-toxic, non-harmful products that are good for you and mother nature. Indulge in the natural essential oil aromas and botanical extracts of LOMA products - or as they like to call it “LOMAtherapy” -with a clean conscience.

Now that you are up to speed on this AMAZINGLY Green and clean beauty line, let’s talk about the good stuff! THE PRODUCTS!

While LOMA carries an array of beauty products, COBIA is fortunate enough to carry a selection of their hair care and styling products for you to fall in love with, while constantly bringing in new additions to the line. With so many options, it might be hard to choose what products you need or simply want to purchase, but to make things easier, we have outlined their Top 4 Bestselling Products for you below!

TRIGGER WARNING: you may spend your whole pay cheque!

The Quench Thirster

One of the bestsellers from LOMA is their Moisturizing Shampoo. As the name states, this shampoo helps replenish and restore your hair and scalps moisture – while providing ultimate hydration. It helps to control frizz, preserves hair color and is suitable for all hair types, especially those with normal to dry hair. With powerful ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel and Avocado Seed Oil, this shampoo naturally nourishes and hydrates while strengthening your hair. However, the best part is the scent! If you are someone that loves tropical scents, then this product is for you! With notes of Mango, Orange, and Tangerine, it delivers a sweet but fresh aroma. This product will literally send you to the tropics, even for just a couple of minutes. Pair yours with the LOMA Moisturizing Treatment for the best results, or if you want the savings, grab the Moisturizing Collection Duo to try both the shampoo and treatment at a discounted price. Get yours today while quantities last! 

The Pick Me Upper

With any shampoo it is a must to pair it with a conditioner - it’s like the yin to your yang, the peanut butter to your jelly, the noodles to your ramen... well, you get the point and LOMA Deep Conditioner is just that. This is a must-have product for your hair care routine! Not only does it act as a conditioner but also as a cowash, treatment mask, and texturizing styler. I know, it’s pretty awesome that one product can perform in 4 different ways - but that just means more shelf/counter space for all of the other products that you obviously need! Because let’s face it, we love to spoil ourselves, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, so treat yourself! Now for the good stuff, this conditioner is rich in Aloemoist Complexes along with Olive, Castor and Coconut oils for their deep moisturizing, hydrating properties and creatine to build strength. It contains aromatic notes of orange, tangerine, cranberry, and pear to keep you smelling fresh. If this product sounds like something for you, don’t worry we got your covered! COBIA carries this conditioner in a range of sizes (15ML, 88ML,237ML and 1L) for you to fall in love with!

The Remediator

If you’re looking for a repairing haircare product, this is the way! This Fortifying Reparative Tonic has a light, gel-like consistency that aids in the reparation of your hairs internal structure. It contains a natural protein called creatine that is 35% more effective than any other protein or Keratin on the market. This small but powerful bottle helps to repair, strengthen, and protect your hair from damage and colour fading. It’s especially great for those with damaged, colour/chemically treated hair or au naturale locks - an inclusive product that is suitable for all hair types and we love that! COBIA carries various sizes (15ML,100ML,237ML, 1L) so that everyone can get a taste of this powerful tonic cocktail. It only takes one pump to say goodbye to frizzy, dull, brittle hair and say hello to healthy, frizz-free, shiny, and vibrant locks with no greasy feel! Transport yourself to a fruit orchard with the aromas of tart cranberry and sweet crisp pears. Tip: Use this in between colour services to repair and prep your hair for your next salon service.

The Taskmistress

Saving the best for last, this top seller and MY all-time favourite product is the LOMA Nourishing Oil Treatment. Usually, I (or many others) tend to steer away from hair oils as they end up making the hair look even more greasy than it already is - but LOMA changed the hair game and a love story began. This Nourishing Oil does not leave hair feeling greasy or weighed down, it gives instant results where your hair feels soft and luscious with a natural healthy shine. Like many products from LOMA, this treatment can be used in multiple ways. It acts as a heat protectant, a treatment for split ends and get this - a skin, beard, and massage oil! Yes, you heard it, this product can be used on the skin! And on your man friend’s beard! It has nourishing and hydrating ingredients like Baobab oil and strengthening ingredients like Creatine, so a little goes a long way with this fast-absorbing formula. You will also fall in love with the aroma - it has a sweet vanilla bean scent with a hint of orange, but don’t worry it’s not overly citrusy for those who don’t vibe with citrus scents. You honestly cannot go wrong with this product, it’s no wonder that it’s a fan favourite.

LOMA is a great brand to introduce to yourself, or your close family and friends. It’s safe, clean, and organic - making it suitable for everyone and anyone! It’s a line that is inclusive and versatile at an affordable price point. Indulge in the LOMAtherapy experience - feel the power and aromas of Naturally Inspired, Organically Infused Hair & Body Care with LOMA today!