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Defining the Concept of Beauty with Shiseido

Attention all beauty lovers! The time has finally come to let you in on our best kept secret of 2021. *Drum roll please*…. We are pleased to welcome to the COBIA family and selection - Shiseido Ginza Tokyo!

Shiseido is a Japanese beauty brand that was founded in 1916 by the Fukuhara family. This family came from a background of pharmaceuticals, arts and culture, bringing forward their expertise into the creation of Shiseido – a now world-renowned beauty brand that has defined the concept of beauty. With spreading knowledge, positivity, and empathy while guiding the next generation boldly into the future, Shiseido is our very own prestige beauty coach leading us through the world of beauty, empowering us and reminding us that “beauty is not an image, it is a feeling.”

The Heritage

The name Shiseido comes from the passage reading “Praise the virtues of the earth, that is where anything and everything is born from” - a phrase that we adore and that aligns with our COBIA values. The perfect match.

It was the first Japanese business to create high-quality, advanced, and authentic beauty products. Their brand is built on three fundamental ideas: Visionary (innovation and advancement), Refinement (sophistication) and Essence (essence of nature experienced through senses).

Their core narrative is “beauty is alive,” empowering individuals to be themselves, promote the balance of body and mind with the inspiration of nature. By creating a positive force of beauty through the harmony and respect for nature, Shiseido encourages mental and beauty wellness through and through - an ethereal goddess in modern times.

The Marque

Shiseido’s logo is represented through the Camellia Flower symbolizing admiration, perfection, and loveliness (also a good luck omen in Japanese culture). The natural and hand-crafted design represents the Japanese-ness and timeless approach to their craft. The bloom pointing upwards in the logo represents aspiration, while the bloom pointing downwards represents modesty; reflecting the pledge to create world class cosmetics.

Not only is this Japanese flower beautiful but is used within their products as it is rich in essential anti-ageing acids and produces a lightweight, non-greasy texture. These properties make it a desired ingredient by cosmetic firms all over the world and luckily for us, Shiseido has blessed us with such.


The Must-Have Products

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

This anti-ageing concentrate is the booster step to your skincare routine. A small but powerful bottle that boosts the immunity of your skin, activating your skins defenses to internal and external stressors. It also helps to stimulate the skin to hydrate, firm, reduce the signs of ageing and optimize the skins resiliency. Ultimune cannot do all this without the powerful ingredients of Heart Leaf and Bulgarian Rose which help bring nutrients to the skin and build collagen production.

So before heading over to your aesthetician, give this red bottled beauty a try! We can honestly say that this product will be the best investment you have ever made for your skin.

Ultra-Sun Protection Lotion Wetforce

Get ultimate sun protection without the sticky, white residue that your generic sunscreen tends to do. With a high UVA/UVB protection of 50+ and water resistant up to 80 minutes, the Ultra-Sun Protection Lotion Wetforce is an absolute beauty favourite. It’s no wonder why it’s a Shiseido top seller.

What makes it different from other sunscreens? Shiseido – being the innovative and technologically advanced company they are – created their WetForce Technology, which provides the skin with a protective veil that becomes stronger when coming into contact with water or perspiration. You heard us, this sunscreen does not break down but becomes stronger even under the hottest and sweatiest conditions! So don’t sweat about sweating, Shiseido’s Ultra-Sun Protection Lotion has got you covered and guess what… it doesn’t clog pores! 

Visionary Gel Lipstick

Looking for a comfortable lipstick that won’t dry your lips but gives you long lasting colour results? This best-selling lipstick is the one you’ve been searching for, and we are happy to be able to introduce you to your new true love.

Shisedo’s VisionAiry Gel Lipstick has full coverage colour opacity in just a single stroke, lasting up to 6 hours of comfortable, weightless, and hydrating wear. How does it do it? Thank the Triple Gel Technology and Water-infused formula.

It makes for a great everyday lipstick with a semi-matte finish and a wide range of colours to choose from - 28 to be exact - that will go with any makeup look, bold or natural. Your lips will experience the most luxurious and hydrating coverage that you won’t even look at another drug store lipstick ever again. Seriously.

Facial Cotton

Okay, okay, this might not be the most exciting product feature but trust us when we say this will change your skin care. This bestseller is simple but an everyday essential when it comes to your beauty routine.

The Shiseido Facial Cotton is an ultra-soft pad with a smooth texture, made from 100% natural Cotton. You get maximum absorption with easy application or removal of products in just one smooth swipe - 165 sheets of luxurious Cotton that is inexpensive and will last you forever! So, in basic terms, these facial cottons are the equivalency to Egyptian Cotton Sheets, but for your face. It literally doesn’t get any more boujie-er than that.


With Shiseido’s extensive array of products – Skin care, Makeup, Sunscreen, Men’s – there is undoubtedly a product waiting for you to try and to fall in love with. Their luxurious, high-quality products are thoughtfully created with you in mind, creating beauty innovations for a better world. If you need help navigating their products or want some help choosing the best product for your skin and makeup goals, reach out to us, we are here to help!