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Bottle the Rainforest: All About Wild Skincare

Lush, earthy, and 100% organic: take a look at how Wild Skincare is working to create natural, leave-no-trace skincare products that honour the holistic and healing traditions of BC's Indigenous Peoples. 


Through an appreciation and reverence for the healing power of the Pacific Northwest's rainforests, founders Karen Martin, Sherry Shahangian, and Talon Gillis were inspired to create a skincare line that worked with the land. Harmony with nature is a key part of how Wild creates their products and maintains a reverence for the thriving, but fragile, forests of BC's West Coast. 

Wild Skincare is undoubtedly a local leader in the low-waste movement: if you're looking for a skincare brand that meticulously considers the environmental impact of every step in the manufacturing and production cycle, look no further. 

Wild Skincare embodies the idealistic vision of people + nature in harmony. Passion for a more sustainable future and a reverence for BC's rich Indigenous history have led to an ultra-sustainable harvesting, manufacturing, and packaging process. 


Their detail-oriented and meticulously thought-out process for harvesting follow the forest's natural plant growth cycle, cutting down any impact on forests to a bare minimum. How exactly does this happen? Ingredients are harvested when they are at their most optimal health - yes, that means they're actually hand-inspected before they're picked! Plant pieces are carefully removed so as not to harm the remainder of the plant; rather than disrupting an area, Wild's harvesters are essentially "pruning" a few select plants. Healthy and still stable, the natural environment remains undisturbed even after the harvesting process has taken place. This also allows the natural, seasonal process to take place just as it would without human intervention! 

We've never encountered a brand that takes quite this much care to avoid disturbing the natural environment; if you're an environmentalist that wants to see a brand putting their money where their mouth is, these are the products you need!


Packaging was a challenge in the beginning for this little company - with their idealistic vision in mind, they set out to find a way to minimize their impact, while still protecting their product and getting it safely into customers' hands. 

All of Wild's products come in glass bottles and use aluminum caps; the glass is 100% recyclable (no matter where you live!) and the aluminum is a recent transition (and greener option) from the plastic lotion pumps they previously used. Glass is also a very safe and sanitary way to transport the delicate formulations inside, creating a better experience for their customers. 


Wild Skincare is different because their formulations come not only from a cosmetic chemist, but also from the traditional knowledge of the Tsimshian and Haida First Nations Peoples (located on Haida Gwaii). The gentle but nutrient-packed plants and botanicals of the Pacific Northwest form the basis of Wild Skincare's formulations, combining the holistic blends of ancient peoples with the structured and practical chemical comprehension of today's skincare formulations. 

  • Labrador Tea: Wild Skincare's core ingredient and the basis of their formulations. Widely found in bogs and rainforests, Labrador tea boasts a wide range of medicinal qualities that have been used for thousands of years. This plant is packed with mineral salts, tannins, Vitamin C, and sesquinterpenes; this dynamic combination treats skin irritation and inflammation, while simultaneously protecting the skin from free radicals (damage caused by pollution + UV rays). 
  • Cedar: Cedar leaf oil lends its rich, earthy scent to the botanical blends of Wild Skincare. Along with providing a scent true to the rainforest where it's harvested, this extract relieves itching and eczema, speeds the skin's healing process, and disinfects (great for those with bacterial issues like acne!). 
  • Bladderwrack: this common seaweed, found throughout BC's coastline, is a powerful and vitamin-rich anti-inflammatory. B-complex vitamins, carotene, selenium, zinc, and Vitamins A, C, and E work hard to improve skin elasticity and texture, even skin tone, and deeply hydrate dry skin. 
  • Bullkelp: a fast-growing kelp variant that's bursting with antioxidants! Notably, bullkelp contains Vitamin K, which research suggests can help shrink and improve broken capillaries!
  • Nootka Rosehip: another powerful ingredient with an invigorating effect, Nootka Rosehip actually works to regenerate new skin cells while rehydrating and locking in moisture. This protects the skin's elasticity and supports wound healing and scarring. This makes it a particularly fantastic inclusion for anyone trying to heal active acne and/or acne scarring!


We all hear good things about vitamins and minerals in skincare - but what are these actually doing for our skin health over time, and why is it so good that we see these present in Wild Skincare's natural ingredients? Spoiler alert - they're doing more than you think! ;)

  • B-Complex vitamins: a cocktail of b-vitamins that work together to support aging skin by smoothing fine lines, minimizing the appearance of large pores, and having a brightening effect on the skin. The perfect way to banish dullness!
  • Marine Clay: Wild's Pacific Clay Mask contains sustainably harvested, mineral-rich clay from BC's North Pacific Coast. This is a pure clay that's used without additives, giving you the benefits of more than 60 minerals. Marine clay purifies the skin and clears pores, helping to reduce the appearance of pore size and providing a deep clean. It also helps control sebum production, which in excess on the skin can cause more frequent acne. In addition, you'll notice a cooling and soothing effect due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the natural clay. 
  • Mineral Salts: it might seem counter-intuitive, but mineral salts are a natural hydration hero! This is due to a high magnesium content - the magnesium strengthens your skin's oh-so-important lipid barrier, meaning your skin will more easily absorb and lock in water (get that hydration, girl!). 
  • Tannins: present in a variety of plants and tree barks, tannins is an astringent (slightly acidic) compound that helps to reduce existing acne and prevent future blemishes. This is because tannins have anti-inflammatory properties, which soothes the irritation and redness that occurs with a breakout.
  • Vitamin A: this powerhouse vitamin actually stimulates collagen production in the skin - collagen is what gives you that plump, bouncy, and youthful look! Through this process, you'll naturally notice an improvement in fine lines & wrinkles, a decrease in oil production, and a soothing effect as it's also an anti-inflammatory!
  • Vitamin C: we've all heard of this one! Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin and prevent sun damage + hyperpigmentation. This potent antioxidant is one of our fav actives - it's natural presence in bladderwrack means you'll find this in almost all of Wild's products. 
  • Vitamin E: reduces UV damage, softens the skin, supports moisture barrier health, and protects from future environmental damage. We love to see it! 
  • Zinc: an essential mineral for overall health, zinc in your skincare is exceptionally beneficial for treating acne, rosacea, eczema, and wound healing (bye bye, acne scarring!). It's a gentle but extremely effective and protective mineral - a must-have in your skincare!


Sometimes, going back to basics is where the progress is made. Holistic, traditional ingredients, gentle and non-invasive harvesting processes, and packaging with little to no environmental impact: this is what Wild Skincare is all about. 

Embrace the power of nature + tradition for a skincare experience that's entirely unique and 100% beautiful British Columbia ❤️