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AG Hair Appreciation Day

Canadian beauty brands are on the rise and if we are going to show our respect to one - that would be AG Hair. AG Hair is a brand so game-changing, they were named a Gold Standard winner in 2020 and have been one of Canada’s best-managed companies since 2017. Hence, why they deserve our utmost respect. They stand for the equality of quality, specializing in unique hair-care products for each and every hair type’s intricacy, as well as body care. 


About the Brand

AG Hair has been manufacturing the products we know and love today, in the beautiful Vancouver, since 1989. Fast forward to present day and they’ve become the largest independent manufacturer of professional hair-care products in Canada.

Created with the understanding of the universal desire for not only beautiful but healthy hair. AG strives to develop unique and innovative ingredient complexes for each and every hair type and their unique complexities. With vegan, sulfate-free personal care products, there is a clean solution for everybody within the AG product selection.

AG’s Fan Favourites

The AG Fast Food Leave-on Conditioner

First, we want to talk about this top best seller and most raved about product from AG – the Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner. An absolute bell of the ball, it instantly nourishes, smooths and calms thick or coarse hair, while remaining weightless, and adding shine. In other words, this is the type of product you want to take home to momma because baby, it just gets you.

The AG Boost Conditioner

AG Boost Conditioner’s remarkable reputation and intensive benefits stem from the highlighted superfood ingredient - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It also contains many other natural and beneficial ingredients that will make your hair the best its ever been. Organic Apply Cider Vinegar is key because it helps nourish, detangle, smooth the hair cuticle and seal in moisture. So yes, it is basically organic magic in a bottle.

The AG Re:coil Curl Activator

Make some noise curly girls! This curl-activating product will not let you down. Re:coil works to create precise curl definition while maintaining, moisturizing and separating locks. It also holds curls without stiffness or stickiness, even in high humidity. That’s right my curly haired cuties, you can say bye bye to humidity and we ain’t sorry! 

AG has been creating a foundation for healthy hair but with COVID times, they set their focus on keeping our hands clean, safe and soft. Creating their Body Care line that includes everything you would need to keep your hands bacteria-free while maintaining its health and softness.

From hand washes, creams, sanitizer gels and sprays, AG has your complete hand wash and care routine down. But the best part about these Hand Care products is that they smell amazing!  Yes, you can actually enjoy the scent of your hand sanitizer!


Clean and natural beauty products are on the rise, be apart of the change to better our planet and ourselves without compromising our ecosystem and hair. With products that use the power of nature,  AG hair is the perfect brand to start your transition into conscious beauty products, and with affordable price points - why wouldn’t you want to take the step!