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      Discover our newest brands to COBIA and find your new beauty favourites!


      With our diverse range of products, we have recently expanded our brand offerings to include several new and exciting brands. Here are brief descriptions of the brands now available at COBIA:

      1. NUDA: NUDA offers sunless tanning and skincare products that provide a natural, safe and healthy-looking tan. Their range includes tanning lotions, hydrating serums, nourishing body moisturizers, and other skincare/tanning essentials. NUDA products are designed to promote healthy, radiant skin using high-quality ingredients.

      2. Kerasilk: Kerasilk is a haircare brand that specializes in luxurious hair products. They offer a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, styling treatments, and hair masks formulated to address various hair concerns. Kerasilk products aim to provide salon-quality results, nourishing and enhancing the hair's natural beauty.

      3. Booby Tape: Booby Tape offers innovative breast lift and support solutions. Their products include adhesive breast tape and breast lift tape designed to provide support and lift for a variety of clothing styles. Booby Tape is known for its discreet, skin-friendly, and durable tape that helps enhance and shape the breasts.

      4. K18 Biomimetic Hair Science: K18 Biomimetic Hair Science is a cutting-edge brand that revolutionizes hair care. Their innovative approach involves repairing and restoring damaged hair using advanced biomimetic technology. The brand's key product, the K18 Peptide, penetrates deep into the hair shaft, targeting and repairing internal damage caused by chemical treatments and heat styling. It restores strength, elasticity, and resilience to hair, resulting in visibly healthier, smoother, and shinier hair.

      5. STMNT: STMNT is a brand that offers high-quality men's grooming products. They provide a comprehensive range of products, including beard oils, balms, grooming kits, and skincare essentials tailored to the specific needs of men. STMNT products aim to help men achieve well-groomed and healthy skin and beards.

      6. Educated Beards: Educated Beards focuses on providing premium grooming products for bearded individuals. Their product lineup includes beard oils, balms, waxes, combs, and other grooming accessories. Educated Beards is committed to creating products that promote beard health, nourishment, and styling.

      These new brands add to COBIA's diverse selection, catering to customers' skincare, haircare, breast support, and grooming needs. With a focus on quality and effectiveness, COBIA continues to expand its range to provide customers with a wide array of trusted and innovative product