Braun 7-in-1 Trimmer-Braun-COBIA
Braun 7-in-1 Trimmer-Braun-COBIA
Braun 7-in-1 Trimmer-Braun-COBIA
Braun 7-in-1 Trimmer-Braun-COBIA

Braun 7-in-1 Trimmer

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The Braun 7-in-1 Trimmer is for those wanting a precise beard, hair styling and a clean shave. This shave and trim kit features lifetime sharp blades to easily cut through long or thick hair without pulling, attachments to trim and cut different lengths and Gillete's Fusion5 ProGlide razor for a close and comfortable shave.

Kit includes

  • Main trimmer device
  • 4 combs
  • 1 Detail trimmer attachment
  • 1 Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor
Worth Noting
  • Delivers price beard trimming and hair clipping
  • Contour edging and detail trimming
  • 100% washable and cord and cordless use
  • Ensures constant cutting speed for an efficient trim
  • Features lifetime sharp blades

Braun is a premium German brand for electrical appliances, renowned for their reliability, longevity and sustainability. Braun wants to go "beyond design." by viewing design in the context of the consumer experience. Their goal is to design products with details that make a difference in people's lives, to bring consumers' experiences to life. Braun is leading the way into the future - with products designed to improve the lives of consumers: "Designed to make a difference".

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